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Anne-Marie Cohan

Community Link Worker

Hello, I’m Anne-Marie Cohan. I’ve been working as a Community Link Worker in the Outer West Gateshead PCN since April 2019.

team-member-photo Anne-Marie Cohan

What I Do

Social prescribing is about improving a patient's wellbeing by supporting them with a wide range of social, emotional or practical issues.

Our team works with people of all ages who have non-clinical problems. The aim is to make people feel more empowered and confident and able to improve their own quality of life.

How I Support Patients

We focus on 'what matters to them' and provide emotional and practical support to patients in accessing specialist services who can help with their issues and problems. We can also provide advice and speak on behalf of the individual.

We initially contact the patient via telephone to discuss their issues and problems, and then agree to meet wherever the patient would feel most comfortable e.g. home visit, somewhere in the community, GP surgery etc.